Participant Reviews

A poem from The Bells for all the Blacknest Forest School Team.  Thank you.  31/08/20

Blacknest Forest School, where the children thrive,
Where they learn how to love and keep nature alive.
Where friendships begin and adventures unfold.
During COVID19 – worth more than pure gold!

Making a boat from sticks and leaves,
Learning about different types of trees.
Running through the sprinkler on days so hot,
This could be the land that time forgot.

Be a bird or a caterpillar in the Crysalis game
To have missed all this would have been such a shame.
Making mini log cabins, building a base,
Every minute here has been simply ace!

The children run to greet parents at time of collection,
Telling of adventures with excitement and affection.
Here they build treehouses, make dens and mud pies,
While learning all the time, perhaps to their surprise.

For future conservationists, building the foundations,
So proud they have become of nature’s wonderful creations.
I know now that my children have a new level of respect,
the natural beauty of this world they are so keen to protect.

Tina you made us so welcome from the start
Such a shame your accident kept us apart.
Maddie, so gentle and caring it’s easy to tell,
Especially looking after Hugo when he was unwell.

Orla would like to thank Alison for teaching her whittling,
And for your Unicorn stories to rival Rudyard Kipling!
Rosie, so kind from beginning to end,
Thank you for being Hugo’s new best friend!
Anne, without you, the Forest School wouldn’t even exist . . .
Thank you for the memories, more than we could have wishes.

Home Schooling group (current) comments:
“Rowan has not spoken so highly of a teacher/adult since he went to preschool and had a wonderful relationship with his Key Worker. He never spoke of any of the teachers or assistants in the way he speaks of you.”

“it is a rare thing to find such a high quality provision so local for home educators”  
Aana has been enjoying the sessions at Blacknest so much and has been telling me so much knowledge that she has learned so firstly just wanted to say thankyou!”

Comments from the Summer programmes:

Blacknest to us – Freedom to learn in an environment that doesn’t put up walls, that allows and accepts children of all abilities and personalities to thrive and flourish.  To learn without fear of reprimand, or rights  and wrongs while respecting rules.  And self-motivated kindness, to build friends naturally, to foster teamwork and allow controlled risk-taking, and offer up natural physical challenges without fear of failure.  Every child needs a forest school day in their life. A forest school day is a day to remember forever, one where your mind body and soul run free.     Lou

Both my two children love getting stuck into forest school.  They come home full of beans and eager to tell me all about their day of fun and learning they have had.  From nest building to building dens and climbing trees.  I’ve noticed they have carried on with their Forest school play once they have returned home.  They jump up and get ready on the mornings they know they are going to forest school.   We love it!! Thank you Anne and the team 💖

“I’d like to thank you and your lovely team of Forest school leaders for the opportunities you have given Tabitha.

During the dark days of June especially, Tabitha would be be up dressed before any of us in her excitement to come to Forest School.

Over the last 3 months she’s been delighted to build dens, light fire, whittle sticks and eat marshmallows! I think we are now prepared for a zombie apocalypse with the amour of whittled spears we have! 

She’s also confidently naming trees that we pass and is more interested and aware of the environment. Having Forest school to go to, has given Tabitha the summer all children should remember, not one inside and on a computer whilst their parents work. ” Julia

Robyn has a fantastic day today!  She was so happy and chatted all the way home about everything she had been up to.  Thanks so much to all your staff for giving her such a great experience. Nicola

 As Forest School Leaders, we appreciate these kind comments so please keep them coming.

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Social distancing will be taught and observed*. The children will be outside throughout  – considered to be a much safer environment
Numbers will be restricted to 10 children during June and reviewed with great care thereafter. Hand washing and sanitising (especially after toileting) will be enforced throughout the day.
There will be no food or drink sharing and it is important that all containers are clearly marked with the child’s name.

Children must not attend if any household member has symptoms that suggest Covid-19


Leave A329 at Bluebell’s Restaurant- Go 300yds and turn LEFT DIRECTLY OPPOSITE the ENTRANCE to GREAT PARK through the gates onto a private drive and almost immediately (see sign) turn right onto a track leading to Blacknest Woodland Log Cabin.