Home School group (restricted)


Learn Directly from Nature

From 09.30 until 14.30

At Blacknest Forest School

Titness Park, Blacknest Gate Road, Sunninghill SL5 0PT

£33/child participant

Anne Martin / annemartin@blacknesthouse.com Mobile 07739199900 Land Line 01344 874160

Each Tuesday during September and October we will run a Forest School based educational programme for a DEFINED GROUP of 9-10 young people.
Others wishing for a similar opportunity may choose to join the Friday group being formed. 

We will continue to stay outside which is a safer environment and we will do hand sanitising regularly while not allowing any sharing of food or drink.  We want to keep this a COVID free place.  Children must not attend if any household member has symptoms that suggest Covid-19



We are DIRECTLY OPPOSITE the ENTRANCE to GREAT PARK go through the gates onto a private drive & almost immediately (see sign) turn right onto a track leading to Blacknest Log Cabin.

There are 10 people coming.

Registration is Now Closed

Home Schooling