Home School group (Restricted)


Learn Directly from Nature

From 09.30 until 14.30

At Blacknest Forest School

Titness Park, Blacknest Gate Road, Sunninghill SL5 0PT

£33/child participant

Anne Martin / annemartin@blacknesthouse.com Mobile 07739199900

Each Tuesday during September and October we will run a Forest School based educational programme for a DEFINED GROUP of 9-10 children.
An unrestricted group is now being formed for Fridays starting 11 Sept. If your child is not back at school you might like to take up this opportunity.

We will continue to stay outside which is a safer environment and we will do hand sanitising regularly while not allowing any sharing of food or drink.  We want to keep this a COVID free place.  Children must not attend if any household member has symptoms that suggest Covid-19



We are DIRECTLY OPPOSITE the ENTRANCE to GREAT PARK go through the gates onto a private drive & almost immediately (see sign) turn right onto a track leading to Blacknest Log Cabin.

There are 10 people coming.

Registration is Now Closed

Home Schooling