Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions (updated 13th June 2020)

Parents must

  • Withdraw a child from any session if there is suspicion that anyone in the household has been in contact with Coronavirus. Should such a situation occur we ask that you provide the earliest possible notice and we will refund the appropriate fee.
  • Advise us of any allergies or medical conditions that could impact on the ability of their child, or others, to participate fully and safely in Forest School
  • Ensure we have a current mobile number so that we contact you directly in case of emergency
  • Make payment at time of registration unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed
  • Reserved places cancelled within 3 days of the event will not be refunded. Other cancellations may be refunded if the place can be taken by another child.
  • Drive with care while within the private community of Titness Park
  • Warn us if any activity e.g. making percussion music is likely to impact negatively on their child
  • Give early advance notice if they may be late for post event pick-up

Blacknest Forest School

Reserve the right to cancel events

  • Where they believe there is health risk to participants even if this has to be done without what would normally be considered reasonable notice
  • If there is governmental pressure which requires them to close
  • When interest in a programme falls below 4 attendees – giving 3 days’ notice
  • In such instances, by agreement with the original payee, will make appropriate refunds or hold payment against participation in a future day
  • Will not refund payments if cancellations are made less than 3 days before the start of an event

Reserve the right to cancel a booking if payments are not made 3 days prior to the date of the event

Reserve the right to decline a booking without providing reason, notably in booking period 17 August to 4 September.